May 23, 2023
Dear Friends,

Our hearts are heavy, but we must inform you that Calvary Chapel Longmont is evacuating its worship center. Our last service will be this Sunday, May 28th. We have prayed and pursued all available options at our disposal, but have not been able to arrive at any other solution.

Our congregation is too small and our resources too few to pay rent, utilities and so forth. And in fact, our website will be taken down shortly. Until then, you can still access and download our archived sermons.

The future of our fellowship is uncertain – and doubtful.
After a brief sabbatical, it is Pastor Mike’s intention to continue teaching – at least online – and possibly in another setting, and to continue musical outreach. We do not know at this point, what will happen.

We have done our best to honor and glorify God in our worship, to preach the gospel faithfully, to teach the whole counsel of God’s Word, and to exalt our Lord Jesus Christ in all things. We do not know what has brought us to this point, or what the Lord has in store for us - except that it is good! He is good all the time and He is working all things together for good to those who love Him!

God bless you!

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